Kenya at the Olympics

History of Kenya’s Medals at the Olympics

Kenya Medals at the Olympic Games

“To live among people who don’t think that running is ridiculous, no matter how hard their lives are, but who value running and the opportunity it brings, who revere it, almost. Even if you never become an Olympic champion, or even manage to race abroad, just being an athlete here seems to lift you above the chaos of daily life. It marks you out as one of the special people, who’ve chosen a path of dedication and commitment. You can see it in the runners’ eyes when they talk to you. Even the slowest of the runners talk about their training with an almost religious devotion. […] Running matters.” – A. Finn, Running with the Kenyans: Passion, Adventure, and Secrets of the Fastest People on Earth.

Brief Overview of Kenya at the Olympic Games

According to Statista, Kenya is ranked 30th on the all-time Olympic Games medal table (from 1896 to 2016) with a total of 100 medals. The highest of any African nation. The USA has been the most successful nation of all times at the Summer Olympic Games, having amassed a total of 2,520 medals since the first Olympics in 1896. The dominance of the USA can be shown in the fact that only two other nations, Russia and Germany, have reached a combined medal tally of 1,000. Even so, Kenya has excelled at the games considering that most of her medals have been bagged in five events. Of these medals won, 85% have been in athletics alone. The most gainful athletics events include 3000m steeplechase, 800m, 5000m and 10,000m. On top of that, it’s rather impressive if yourself consider that 70% of all titlist athletes including the top-25 world marathon performers since 1990 come from one cultural community – The Kalenjins. Put differently, the Kalenjin, who live in the midwest area of Kenya, have produced about 62% of all distance-running world champions. A record breaking triumph from a community which accounts for only 0.0004% of the world’s population.

Ethnic assignment in Kenya is based primarily on linguistic and geographical factors, with the Kalenjin fortunate to live in the fertile high-altitude area. Their emergence and dominance is only bettered by an increase in the contribution of men in the top-20 all-time performances in the track distance events (800-m and upward) from 13.3% in 1986 to 55.8% in 2003. The improvement has been impressive, as cited in the journal Analysis of the Kenyan Distance-Running Phenomenon: “Kenyan men (by birth) have bagged 43 out of the possible 108 medals (41%) in distance events at the Olympic Games since 1990 and have claimed the team title at 24 of the last 27 world cross-country championships dating back to 1986: From their first medal in the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo to the International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF) World Athletics Championships in 2019”. The domination of Kenya in long-distance running has oftentimes been attributed to a unique genetic explanation, which is overtly premature. In contrast, hard work, lifestyle and cultural factors would better explain the topping results, as well as the collective knowledge of the close knit and linguistically linked Kalenjin Community. Research has yet to give away a gene or even a combination of genes that is conclusively linked to performance.

Kenya's Entourage at 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Image Courtesy of All Vibes
Kenya’s Entourage at 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Image Courtesy of All Vibes

Long Distance Running in Kenya

Long-distance running is becoming a fashionable prospect for athletes from all corners of the world – even in the United States of America. Not too long ago, the dominance of African nations, particularly Kenya, in competitive distance-running was the subject of much fascination. Kenya throws its hat in the ring of virtually all long-distance events, from the two-laps 800m up to the genteel 42 km marathon. The only track races still elusive to the Kenyans are the sprints, yet, the appraising work in the 400m affair, that waltz on an unhesitating pace, reflects the enthusiasm in athletics. If there’s a race that convincingly conjures images of Kenya’s emergence and dominance of long-distance running, it is the 3,000m steeplechase. You can almost hear the celebrations even before the race begins. Every time Kenya has turned up for the Olympics, it has won gold in the 3,000m steeplechase. An event that has honoured Kenya with endless praise as the ultimate performer in long-distance running. And the 7 lap race crossing 28 barriers and 7 water jumps is a brutal face-off, once described by the legendary Kipchoge Keino as “a race for animals”. The 3,000m steeplechase requires the finishing speed of a miler, stamina of a cross country runner and strength of the 400m hurdler. It was introduced to the Olympics in 1920 as a special event to popularize the games. The winner of that inaugural race was Percy Hodge from Great Britain. In spite of not reaching the podium until 1968, Kenya is now the most successful nation at the 3,000m steeplechase. It has won every men’s title since 1968, excepting 1976 and 1980 when Kenya boycotted. Hitherto, Finland had won four consecutive gold medals (1924, 28, 32, 36), Great Britain had won it twice (1920 and 1956), once to the United States (1952), and Belgium (1964).

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Kenya’s Olympic All-time Medal Table

Medal NameGamesEvent
BronzeWilson Kiprugut 1964 TokyoMen’s 800 m
GoldNaftali Temu 1968 Mexico Men’s 10000 m
GoldKipchoge Keino 1968 Mexico Men’s 1500 m
GoldAmos Biwott 1968 Mexico3000 m steeplechase
SilverBenjamin Kogo 1968 Mexico3000 m steeplechase
SilverDaniel Rudisha
Munyoro Nyamau
Naftali Bon
Charles Asati
 1968 MexicoMen’s 4 × 400 m relay
SilverKipchoge Keino 1968 MexicoMen’s 5000 m
BronzeNaftali Temu 1968 MexicoMen’s 5000 m
SilverWilson Kiprugut 1968 Mexico Men’s 800 m
BronzePhilip Waruinge 1968 MexicoMen’s featherweight
GoldKipchoge Keino 1972 Munich3000 m steeplechase
GoldCharles Asati
Munyoro Nyamau
Robert Ouko
Julius Sang
 1972 MunichMen’s 4 × 400 m relay
SilverKipchoge Keino 1972 MunichMen’s 1500 m
SilverBen Jipcho 1972 Munich3000 m steeplechase
SilverPhilip Waruinge 1972 MunichMen’s featherweight
BronzeJulius Sang 1972 MunichMen’s 400 m
BronzeMike Boit 1972 MunichMen’s 800 m
BronzeSamuel Mbugua 1972 MunichMen’s lightweight
BronzeDick Murunga 1972 MunichMen’s welterweight
GoldJulius Korir 1984 Los Angeles3000 m steeplechase
BronzeMichael Musyoki 1984 Los AngelesMen’s 10000 m
BronzeIbrahim Bilali 1984 Los AngelesMen’s flyweight
GoldJulius Kariuki 1988 Seoul3000 m steeplechase
GoldJohn Ngugi 1988 SeoulMen’s 5000 m
GoldPaul Ereng 1988 SeoulMen’s 800 m
GoldPeter Rono 1988 SeoulMen’s 1500 m
GoldRobert Wangila 1988 SeoulMen’s welterweight
SilverPeter Koech 1988 Seoul3000 m steeplechase
SilverDouglas Wakiihuri 1988 SeoulMen’s Marathon
BronzeKipkemboi Kimeli 1988 SeoulMen’s 10000 m
BronzeChris Sande 1988 SeoulMen’s middleweight
GoldMatthew Birir 1992 Barcelona3000 m steeplechase
GoldWilliam Tanui 1992 BarcelonaMen’s 800 m
SilverRichard Chelimo 1992 BarcelonaMen’s 10000 m
SilverPatrick Sang 1992 Barcelona3000 m steeplechase
SilverPaul Bitok 1992 BarcelonaMen’s 5000 m
SilverNixon Kiprotich 1992 BarcelonaMen’s 800 m
BronzeWilliam Mutwol 1992 Barcelona3000 m steeplechase
BronzeSamson Kitur 1992 BarcelonaMen’s 400 m
GoldJoseph Keter 1996 Atlanta3000 m steeplechase
SilverPaul Tergat 1996 AtlantaMen’s 10000 m
SilverMoses Kiptanui 1996 Atlanta3000 m steeplechase
SilverPaul Bitok 1996 AtlantaMen’s 5000 m
SilverPauline Konga 1996 AtlantaWomen’s 5000 m
BronzeStephen Kipkorir 1996 AtlantaMen’s 1500 m
BronzeFred Onyancha 1996 AtlantaMen’s 800 m
BronzeErick Wainaina 1996 AtlantaMen’s Marathon
GoldNoah Ngeny 2000 SydneyMen’s 1500 m
GoldReuben Kosgei 2000 Sydney3000 m steeplechase
SilverPaul Tergat 2000 SydneyMen’s 10000 m
SilverWilson Kipketer 2000 Sydney3000 m steeplechase
SilverErick Wainaina 2000 SydneyMen’s Marathon
BronzeBernard Lagat 2000 SydneyMen’s 1500 m
BronzeJoyce Chepchumba 2000 SydneyWomen’s Marathon
GoldEzekiel Kemboi 2004 Athens3000 m steeplechase
SilverBernard Lagat 2004 AthensMen’s 1500 m
SilverBrimin Kipruto 2004 Athens3000 m steeplechase
SilverIsabella Ochichi 2004 AthensWomen’s 5000 m
SilverCatherine Ndereba 2004 AthensWomen’s Marathon
BronzePaul Kipsiele 2004 Athens3000 m steeplechase
BronzeEliud Kipchoge 2004 AthensMen’s 5000 m
GoldAsbel Kiprop 2008 BeijingMen’s 1500 m
GoldBrimin Kiprop Kipruto 2008 Beijing3000 m steeplechase
GoldWilfred Bungei 2008 BeijingMen’s 800 m
GoldSamuel Wanjiru 2008 BeijingMen’s Marathon
GoldPamela Jelimo 2008 BeijingWomen’s 800 m
GoldNancy Lagat 2008 BeijingWomen’s 1500 m
SilverJaneth Jepkosgei 2008 BeijingWomen’s 800 m
SilverCatherine Ndereba 2008 BeijingWomen’s Marathon
SilverEunice Jepkorir 2008 Beijing3000 m steeplechase
SilverEliud Kipchoge 2008 BeijingMen’s 5000 m
BronzeRichard Mateelong 2008 Beijing3000 m steeplechase
BronzeMicah Kogo 2008 BeijingMen’s 10000 m
BronzeEdwin Cheruiyot Soi 2008 BeijingMen’s 5000 m
BronzeAlfred Kirwa Yego 2008 BeijingMen’s 800 m
BronzeSylvia Kibet 2008 BeijingWomen’s 5000 metres
BronzeLinet Masai 2008 BeijingWomen’s 10000 metres
GoldEzekiel Kemboi 2012 London3000 m steeplechase
GoldDavid Rudisha 2012 LondonMen’s 800 m
SilverSally Kipyego 2012 LondonWomen’s 10000 m
SilverPriscah Jeptoo 2012 LondonWomen’s Marathon
SilverVivian Cheruiyot 2012 LondonWomen’s 5000 m
SilverAbel Kirui 2012 LondonMen’s Marathon
BronzeVivian Cheruiyot 2012 LondonWomen’s 10000 m
BronzeAbel Mutai 2012 London3000 m steeplechase
BronzeMilcah Cheywa 2012 LondonWomen’s steeplechase
BronzeTimothy Kitum 2012 LondonMen’s 800 m
BronzeThomas Longosiwa 2012 LondonMen’s 5000 m
BronzeWilson Kipsang  2012 LondonMen’s Marathon
BronzePamela Jelimo 2012 LondonWomen’s 800 m
GoldDavid Rudisha 2016 RioMen’s 800 m
GoldConseslus Kipruto 2016 Rio3000 m steeplechase
GoldEliud Kipchoge 2016 RioMen’s Marathon
GoldFaith Kipyegon 2016 RioWomen’s 1500 m
GoldJemimah Sumgong 2016 RioWomen’s Marathon
GoldVivian Cheruiyot 2016 RioWomen’s 5000 m
SilverHelen Obiri 2016 RioWomen’s 5000 m
SilverHyvin Jepkemoi 2016 RioWomen’s steeplechase
SilverVivian Cheruiyot 2016 RioWomen’s 10000 m
SilverBoniface Mucheru 2016 RioMen’s 400m hurdles
SilverPaul Tanui 2016 RioMen’s 10000 m
SilverJulius Yego 2016 RioMen’s Javelin
BronzeMargaret Wambui 2016 RioWomen’s 800 m