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Spatial Location of Trans Nzoia County in Kenya
Spatial Location of Trans Nzoia County in Kenya

Brief Overview of Trans Nzoia County

Trans Nzoia County is, generally speaking, a flattened country only undulating gradually en route for Mount Elgon. It is a continuation of Uasin Gishu Plateau (Trans) beyond the Nzoia River (Nzoia). Interestingly, the area gets drier as one travels towards Mount Elgon on account of the rain shadow of this mountain and Cherangani Hills Reserve, modifying this zone to a ‘livestock-barley’ region.

Trans Nzoia County is best-known as the cornerstone of large scale farming in Kenya and any trip across the region takes you deep into a picturesque verdant countryside and across some of the most beautiful farmlands you’ll ever set eyes upon in Kenya.  The spectacular panoramic sweeps of vast patchwork of maize, sunflower, tea, and coffee estates are, without doubt, Nzoia’s doted-on heritage.

The primary roads within Trans Nzoia County are fairly good and they traverse through the main towns of Kitale and Endebess and thereafter running north before finally terminating in Suam River Bridge at the Kenya-Uganda border.  Work has begun on the Kapchorwa-Suam Road which links Uganda to Suam.  The other primary road to Kapenguria and Lodwar is also navigable year round.

View of Mount Elgon National Park from Endebess Bluff.  Photo Courtesy of Trip Advisor
Endebess Bluff at Mount Elgon National Park. Image Courtesy of Trip Advisor

Salient Features of Trans Nzoia County

  • County Number 26
  • Area – 2496 km2
  • Altitude – 1800 to 2000 ms
  • Major Towns – Kitale, Endebess, Kiminini
  • Borders – Kakamega, West Pokot, E. Marakwet, Uasin Gishu, Bungoma
Trans Nzoia County Map

Brief History of Trans Nzoia County

In the olden days Trans Nzoia County had been inhabited by both Bukusu and Kalenjin Communities. Settler farmers later took up much of the fertile lands. Soon after independence, many of the farms vacated by the white settlers were resettled by individuals from several ethnic groups in Kenya.  Trans Nzoia had been one of the central areas of the post-war European settlement.  It was also within the region transferred from Uganda in 1902 as part of the old Eastern Province.  Trans Nzoia District was under jurisdiction of Uasin Gishu District.

 Making'eny Caves in Mount Elgon N. Park.  Image Courtesy of Safari 254
Making’eny Caves at Mount Elgon N. Park.  Image Courtesy of Safari 254
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