Narok County

Attractions in Narok County

13. Maji Moto Maasai Cultural Camp

Away from the luxurious safari lodges and camps, Maji Moto Maasai Cultural Camp provides an authentic Maasai experience, hosting its guests in traditional Maasai manyattas. “Established by Salaton Ole Ntutu, a Maasai Chief, the Maji Moto Camp’s manyattas are spread out over miles of undeveloped semi-arid rangelands at the foot of the pretty Loita Hills. There, visitors stay in his tribal community, learning about the ways of the Maasai and getting a feel for the landscape they live within” – The New York Times. In addition to staying in the traditional manyattas, visitors to the camp also get to understand the landscape through the eyes and words of the Maasai on intimate sunrise and sunset walks with the Chief, try their battle skills in spear throwing, visit the Maji Moto hot-springs for a natural bath, take part in a walking safari deeper into the hills, or visit the Maasai ‘Widows’ Village to take part in bead work. The vistas of Loita Plains are the star of Maji Moto Maasai Camp, where a bonanza of wildlife can be seen roaming the wildly-scenic area, to include; antelopes, zebras, cheetahs and wildebeest. The Camp is situated 52 kms from Narok via Narok-Kaplong-Bomet Road, turning off to Maji Moto near Oasis Hotel, just 6 kms from Narok.

 Maji Moto Maasai Cultural Camp in Narok County. Image Courtesy of BKenya

People told me that “Africa changes you” and I didn’t understand it until I experienced it myself. I thoroughly enjoyed the hut in Maji Moto Maasai Camp. Salaton Ole Ntutu, is an excellent host and guide, providing access and a view into the Maasai culture that I will never forget.

14. Loita Hills

The 30 kms journey from Narok to Ololulunga, the turnoff to the Mara, heading due west, sets a pleasurable prelude to the prepossessing landscape of the Mara. From Narok Town the country is flat, composed largely of the open Loita Plains sloping southwards from an altitude of 6,300 ft., flanked to the north and east by South Ewaso Nyiro River and by-passed by several shallower water courses which become heavily wooded to the east. In the south, the Loita Plains merge with the horizon, falling steadily toward the Mara lying at 5,000 ft. Best seen on an excursion of Nguruman Escarpment, Loita Hills rise almost 1,000 ft., above the surrounding countryside in the southwest corner of Loita Plains and Narok County overlooking the Sianna Hills located within the Masai Mara Ecosystem.

Spatial Location of Loita Hills in Narok County
Spatial Location of Loita Hills in Narok County

15. Loita Plains

Beyond Narok Town the terrain levels out to a swish, flat sheet of land inclining moderately to meet the plains of the Masai Mara Ecosystem. The flush, grass-topped Loita Plains cover much of the north-western region of Narok County. In the north, towards the south border of Mau Highland, the ground rises and becomes more undulating. On the roadside, the plains represent a continuation of the vast Serengeti Plains, of which the Masai Mara National Reserve covers only 3%. The Loita Plains are bound to the southwest by the Sianna Hills. In the south sits the Loita Hills, which attain a height of 8,500 feet, and beyond them lies the Nguruman Escarpment. In the east, the Plains are bound by the Lewele Hills, which attain a height of about 7400 ft. And in the north, in their furthest reach, Loita Plains are bound by the forested lower slopes of the Mau Highland.

Section of Loita Plain. Image Courtesy of Garden of Eden Loita Plains
Section of Loita Plain. Image Courtesy of Garden of Eden Loita Plains

16. Nemenengio Forest

Of the many culturally-important forests in Narok, the floral-rich Nemenengio Forest in Loita Division, considered sacred, has been a shrine where Maa Elders have convened to pray and offer sacrifice to the deities for millennia. Despite its biological and cultural beauty, its biodiversity has fueled the interest of selfish and greedy merchants, causing distraction through grabbing and illegal logging.

t in Narok County. Image Courtesy
A Section of Nemenengio Forest in Narok County. Image Courtesy