Kajiado County

Attractions in Kajiado County

6. Finch Hatton’s Monument

The rather hard to situate Finch Hatton’s Monument, at Ngong Hills, marks the final resting place for Denys Finch Hatton – the aristocratic big-game hunter turned conservationist and avid safari-guide, who died in 1931 after his private plane crashed at Voi. Denys Finch Hatton is known in other circles as the lover of Baroness, Karen Blixen (the celebrated penman of the globally-famous novel Out of Africa) after her divorce from Baron, Bror Blixen-Finecke. In accordance with his wishes to be buried in Kenya, Karen Blixen chose this locality at Ngong Hills which years past had been a romantic spot where they often retreated for picnics. “A large obelisk marks his grave, inscribed with a line from ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’, one of his favourite poems. The inscription reads ‘He prayeth well, who loveth well/Both man and bird and beast’ – Lonely Planet.  Finch Hatton’s Monument is located about 4 kms from Kiserian, near Matasia, up the hills, deep inside leafy Upper Matasia. It’s about 8km from Ngong Town.

Obelisk marking Finch-Hatton's grave, Ngong Hills. Image Courtesy of Shaun Irlam. 
Obelisk marking Finch-Hatton’s grave, Ngong Hills. Image Courtesy of Shaun Irlam. 

7. Kompass at Ngong Hills

The drive to Kompass atop Ngong Hills leaves one with the overall impression of a wild and beautiful Kenya. In fact, many of its revelers claim that Kompass at Ngong Hills is one of the most spectacular sites within easy reach of Nairobi. Until a few years ago, the only way to take in the beauty and diversity of Ngong Hills was a hiking adventure to the summit. The addition of Ngong Hills Wind Power Station by KenGen, commissioned in 2015, signaled huge changes in the northern foothills of Ngong Hills. Now, this area of the hills, with superb views, is opened up by a network of motorable roads. One of the biggest attractions is, of course, the contemporary Kompass – a place to enjoy the view in more ways than one. For the adventurous, there is a heart-stopping zipline going from one hillside of its humps to the next. Then, there’s mountain-biking, paint-balling, hiking and archery. For the romantics and take-it-easy, there is more than one comfy sitting area both indoor and outdoors, a cafe and pub; all with fine views. From Kiserian, taking a turnoff right to Forest Line Road through Matasia, it is 19 kms to the Kompass via Ngong Town and then Kahara Road. The usual and fastest route to Kompass from Nairobi is via Ngong Road through Ngong Town.

Spatial Location of Kompass at Ngong Hills in Kajiado County
Spatial Location of Kompass at Ngong Hills in Kajiado County

8. Kiserian Dam

Kiserian Dam is an out of the common site just outside Kiserian Town along the Kiserian-Isinya Road – which eventually links to A104 Namaga-Nairobi Road at Isinya, 40 kms away. The 17 ms-high Kiserian Dam, commissioned in 2014 with a price tag of Shs.1 Billion, to serve almost 235,000 residents of Kiserian and Rongai with a sustainable source of water, adds much to the beauty of the area around Kiserian Town. Towards this, an afforestation program was initiated on location to further their efforts of creating a beautiful landscape. Visitors here walk around the reservoir to appreciate its design and structure, and scout the treatment plant to learn on the changes water goes through from source to tap. The great procession from Kiserian Town to Lake Magadi, 79 kms away, passes through the southern edges of Ngong Hills and abruptly rolls down hill to meet and merge with the Rift Valley until the valley of the bushed grassland set hard on a flat lowland is reached. About 8 kms from Kiserian, as you round the sharp bend, Corner Baridi is reached, which get its quirky name from the unrelenting strong wind converging here. Higher up the Ngong Hills, on the southern edges, is the venerated ‘Champagne Ridge’ overlooking the spectacle of the Rift Valley.

9. Pec Nature Camp

Originally known as Olooseos Adventures and reestablished in 2014 as the Pec Nature Camp, this beautiful fun-filled 18-acres adventure base was remarkably a painstaking transformation from a former wasteland to a pretty wonderland.  For first-time visitors to Pec Camp it’s hard to tell the landscape is not primitive and indigenous, and thanks to the care and precommision taken to rehabilitate it this deserving destination, in spitting distance of the four grand humps of the Ngong Hills, is loaded with exciting outdoors activities including a bio-diversity park, a pretty picnic site, ziplining, a high ropes arena and a climbing wall. “It is a spacious indigenous adventure camp, picnic, team building and nature park”. It is located 34 kms south of Nairobi at Corner Baridi and 6 kms from Kiserian.

10. Olooltepes Picnic Site

Just around the corner from Kiserian Dam, along the Kiserian-Isinya Road and opposite Olooltepes Total Petrol Station, sits Olooltepes Picnic Site a budget-friendly family-oriented hangout to enjoy a day away from the city. The site is in lovely surroundings of bush county within sight of the picture-postcard Ngong Hills. Facilities include: day-long barbecue, restaurant, children play area with assorted gizmos, capacious well-kept ground, walking trails and bar. The sunset is glorious! It’s a perfect place to round off a great trip to Rimpa Estate Wildlife Conservancy, Kiserian Dam and Corner Baridi. It lies 35 kms from Nairobi via C58 Magadi Road. Using public means, head over to Railways Station and take the bus no. 126 to Kiserian. From Kiserian it is 7.1 kms to Olooltepes Picnic Site.

11. Enkaji Osiwo House

Perched on the very edge of Champagne Ridge on the Ngong Hills, overlooking a most pleasurable landscape, is the compact but very cozy 2-bedrooms Enkaji Osiwo House. A heady place that conjures up all that is wild and romantic about Ngong Hills. This snuggly house, with big views, features one bedroom upstairs and another downstairs and is tailored as a intimate romantic escape. The deck is the star here. Sitting here, you glimpse the ever-changing pageant of Ngong Hills, and for all the toil of getting here from Corner Baridi, where the bitumen road ends, this is a worthy reward and one of the most memorable sunsets and star-gazing experiences. In addition to Enkaji Osiwo House, on a comparative exploit, are The Cave, The Castle, and Fawlty Tower which are 3 holiday homes spread across 10 acres of African bush and located 12 kms from Corner Baridi. Other hidey-holes along Champagne Ridge include Miti Mbili, Raha Mstarehe, Olohoro Onyore, Oloika Cottage, Rangi Saba, Twiga Tano, and the Sidai House.