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Spatial Location of Homa Bay County in Kenya
Spatial Location of Homa Bay County in Kenya

Brief Overview of Homabay County

The paramount feature of Homa Bay County, a lateral teardrop-shaped county that becomes narrower to the right, is the immensity of extent of Lake Victoria and Kavirondo Gulf lining it along the entire northern and western boundaries, covering a distance of almost 130 kms from near Kendu Bay (east) to Nyandiwa (west), and the presence of round about twelve islands, big and small. It is this considerable presence of Lake Victoria that influences much of her geography, climate and socio-economics. On a much lesser extent along the lay of the land are its hills, exemplified by Gwasi Hills in the furthest west. Below these hills on Lambwe Valley sits Ruma National Park. In the south, Homa Bay is bound by Migori, Kisii, and Nyamira Counties, and in the north-east lies Kisumu County.

If, instead of proceeding to Kisumu at Ahero, one turns left travelling towards Homa Bay County, taking a right turn at the small centre of Awach (Katito), one finds themselves in a picturesque rural setting on a good road, which is notably raised above the ground because the land bordering the highway tends to flood during the rains, passing through a low-lying almost level delta region adjacent to Lake Victoria. A short distance from Pap Onditi, Sondu Miriu Hydro-Power Station offers memorable views for first-timers to this area. At the same time, views of Lake Victoria and a glimpse of the local fishing boats occupy the scene before arriving at Kendu Bay. At first glance, Kendu Bay has little to commend it, being little more than an administrative station. A closer inspection reveals the population here is dominated by Muslims and Christians, in equal fractions.

It is only 31 kms from Kendu Bay to Homa Bay, its largest town. ​Shortly before entering the main town, one may be interested in visiting the Homa Bay Tourist Hotel or ACK Guest House to catch lovely views of Lake Victoria, especially at sunset. C19 Ahero-Kendu Bay-Homa Bay Road is the key line of communication in Homa Bay County and from Homa Bay it continues west, passing the turnoff to Mbita and Rusinga Island, en-route Ruma National Park 31 kms away. From Ruma, it makes a wide curve from Magunga to Karungu from where it begins to double-back east, passing through Ndhiwa, Rodi Kopani, Rangwe, Oyugis and Kandondo, before terminating at Sondu, its most easterly point. From Sondu, it is 15 kms north to Awach and 30 kms to Ahero and A104 Nairobi-Kisumu Road.

Triad Peaks of Homa Hills near Homa Bay. Image Courtesy of Mapio
The Triple Peaks of Homa Hills near Homa Bay. Image Courtesy of Mapio

Salient Features of Homabay County

  • County Number 43
  • Area – 3183 km2
  • Altitude – 1293 ft
  • Major Towns – Kendu Bay, Homa Bay, Ndhiwa
  • Borders – Kisumu, Nyamira, Kericho, Kisii, Migori
Homa Bay County Map

Brief History of Homabay County

To gain free access to the protectorate, the British Empire decided to cut across from Mombasa to reach the shores of Lake Victoria by train. In 1902, the IBEA Company opted to transfer British East Africa inland port serving the thriving Kavirondo area, and the lake region, from Mount Elgon to Homa Bay. And with this a new political entity began, with many immigrants, white farmers, Indian traders, missionaries arriving in the region and who, by will or whip, introduced their ways to the people of Homa Bay County, and by extension South Nyanza. Homa Bay was formerly the headquarters of South Nyanza before it was split to constitute the Kuria, Suba, Migori, Homa Bay, Rachuonyo, and Rongo Districts.

Aerial View of Homa Bay Town. Image Courtesy of Rogg Kenya
Aerial View of Homa Bay Town. Image Courtesy of Rogg Kenya
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