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Spatial Location of Baringo County in Kenya
Spatial Location of Baringo County in Kenya

Brief Overview of Baringo County

Sightseers who prefer to travel in circuits, rather than retrace familiar routes, will find that Baringo County’s main roads makes this easy with little advance preparation. If, instead of heading west from Nakuru via A 104, they turn north onto B4 Nakuru-Kabarnet-Sigor Road, via Mogotio and Marigat, they will find themselves passing through a land of variety, that carries magnolious sceneries.

​The southern region of Baringo County, before Marigat and Kabarnet, offers a quick detour to Mogotio Equator Station before arriving at Lake Bogoria. Lake Bogoria is particularly spectacular because it is one of few hot water lakes in the world.  Lake Baringo, which is famous throughout the world for its hundreds of thousands of flamingos, lies 30 kms north of Bogoria.  In addition, there’s Loboi Swamp which separates these two impressive lakes – Lake Bogoria a saline lake and Lake Baringo a freshwater lake. Nakegere Falls sits 70 kms of Lake Baringo.

From Lake Baringo the widely-popular circuit doubles back to Marigat and into Kabarnet. From Kabarnet there is the choice to take C54 Kabarnet-Iten-Eldoret Road, a stretch which offers the chance to absorb sights of Baringo County often romanticized in travel handbooks; like the Tugen Hills, Elgeyo Escarpment and Kerio Valley. There is also the alternative of taking the Kabarnet-Nyaru-Eldama Ravine Road which goes up and over the spectral Mektei Ridge near Nyaru. The less travelled circuit from Marigat to Sigor (174 kms) is a hard afternoon’s drive through the torrid and desolate arid patches of Baringo, whose rarely captured beauty is beguiling. From Sigor it’s a fascinating 170 kms drive to Eldoret Town.

Close up views of flamingos at Lake Baringo.  It is located 30 kms north of Lake Bogoria
View of flamingos at Lake Baringo – 30 kms north of Lake Bogoria Reserve

Salient Features of Baringo County

  • County Number 30
  • Area – 11,015 km2
  • Altitude – 700 to 3000 ms
  • Major Towns – Kabarnet, Eldama Ravine, Mogotio
  • Borders – Turkana, Samburu, Laikipia, Nakuru, West Pokot, Kericho, Uasin Gichu, Elgeyo Marakwet
Baringo County Map

Brief History of Baringo County

The 1950 Kolowa Affray was a small British War. It happened on April 24th, at Kolloa, where Alan Stevens (then District Commissioner) and a force of police confronted Lukas Pketch (leader of the local religious movement) and his 300 spear-wielding followers. Although the details of Kolloa Affray are still strangely muted, by sundown of that day, 3 British police officers and 1 African policeman had lost their lives and 100 Pketch followers shot dead and 172 arrested. The massacre is commemorated by a mass grave at Kolloa, memorialized by a cross.

View of part of Lake Baringo from the jetty.  Photo Courtesy of Travel Pocket Guide
Lake Baringo from the jetty. Image Courtesy of Travel Pocket Guide
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44 Attractions in Baringo County, arranged as one would visit these - south, north then south - with the aid of in-depth narratives, images, strip maps and distance chart:

Mogotio Equator Crossing, Hotel Lomanira, Olduka Valley, Maji-Moto Hot Springs, Lake Bogoria National Reserve, Lake Bogoria Spa Resort, Loboi Plains, Irong Community Conservancy, Chuine Community Conservancy, Laikipia Escarpment, Perkerra Irrigation Scheme, Lake Baringo National Reserve, Soi Safari Lodge, Samatian Island Lodge, Ruko Conservancy, Kaptuya Conservancy, Korosi Volcano, Kabarion Conservancy, Paka Volcano, Nakegere (Kapedo) Falls, Mount Silale, Daraja ya Mungu, Kimalel Goat Auction, Tugen Hills, Kabarnet Museum, Kirandich Dam, Morop Hill, Kikojo Falls, Kimng’ochoch Conservancy, Morop-Tarambas Community Conservancy, Sumot Falls, Releng Hot Springs, Kipsaraman Museum, Kolloa Monument, Lake Kamnarok, Chebloch Gorge, Kerio Valley, Mektei Ridge, Lembus Forest, Eldama Ravine, St. Swithin’s Church, Koibatek Forest, Chemususu Dam, Timboroa Railway Station.

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